TechCampus - لماذا نحن

Why Techcampus

Training Courses

If you want to master a certain technical skill, or join a technical specialty you love, you will find everything you are looking for in TechCampus, where an integrated technical environment combines everything related to technical training, including all of your most up-to-date technology topics. TechCampus also features technical events in the East The Middle East, both at the level of private companies or governments to be a place to train and graduate the best Arab cadres in the field of technology and we offer many courses in different fields of technology which qualify the trainee theoretically and practically to the field of professionalism and creativity and give trainees certified training certificates International and local companies

TechCampus Instructors

The selection of TechCampus trainers depends on several aspects, including: experience, creativity, modern methods of training, diversity of theory, practice and efficiency in the management of todays training, Feedback and assessment of trainers and high technical capacity in training

Education at any time

TechCampus enables students to re-view lectures, view grades, track courses and materials across educational platforms, and attend technical events at TechCampus.


TechCampus is always open for many conferences, seminars and technical events (international and local), which includes governments and many private bodies to collect technicians in one place and spread the use of all technical fields in the land of Saudi Arabia

Training environment

All you need for training and education is at TechCampus, from equipped spaces, training rooms and showrooms, spaces for holding technical events to the provision of meals to be always able to work creatively and fruitfully


Intensive courses from 3-6 months are characterized by a focus on the practical side in a work environment equipped with the latest technology required for each training material where the student has enough knowledge and professionalism after the completion of this course to learn everything new in the world of technology from the beginner to professionalism through the group From professional trainers and application programming and development, protection, networking and others to your qualification towards professionalism and keeping abreast of the global working environment.